La La’s Red Box

We love singing at La La (Devon's largest non-audition adult choir), but we are also big believers in supporting charities.   The Red Box Project is a community-based, not-for-profit initiative, which aims to support young people throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products...

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La La’s Summer Season

La La's summer season is almost at an end.  We wowed Dartmoor Zoo's Spring Festival, followed that up with a smasher at Exmouth Festival, gave Cadhay House and Ottery Food and Families Festival the La La treatment, rocked Devonport Park, warmed up an already boiling Exeter Respect Festival, and last weekend we baked in...

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Wear a hat to choir week

Brave Charlotte Reid,17, was diagnosed with rare craniopharyngioma in July 2015 and saw her life ‘turned upside down’. Her brain tumour is benign, but has affected her growth, mobility and short-term memory, among other things. Despite this she launched a project to raise £20,000 for the Brain Tumour...

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