Love Week at La La

Devon's largest non-audition adult choir, La La Choirs, has a strong philosophy of love and kindness.  This week includes the 14th of February, which most of us traditionally associate with love, and we invite you to join us for a celebration of Love and Kindness.   We...

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La La Spirit

It may be winter in Devon, and summer feels a long time ago, but a large section of La La, the county's largest non-audition adult choir, still have fond memories of the UK Choir Festival held in Exmouth, back when the weather was warmer.   We had...

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Stay healthy, keep singing

Here at La La Choirs, Devon's largest non-audition choir, we know that at this time of year, when it starts to get colder, all sorts of bugs and nasties seem to come along to make singing more difficult.  We want to make sure you sing as often...

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