Here we come!

Here we come!

La La have already started gigging this year, with a wonderful singing session at Dartmoor Zoo’s Spring Festival in April.  We’re following that up with our next performance at Exmouth Festival on 26th May, and we really hope you’ll come and join us!


Throughout the summer we’ve got a lot going on, with appearances at Ottery Food and Families Festival, Devonport Park and Exeter Respect Festival to name but a few.  Check our Calendar for more events and full details.


If you fancy not only listening to us, but also joining in the fun, why not come along to a choir session?  La La is the largest non-audition choir in Devon, with a real family feel –  you’ll fit right in!  The first two sessions are free, and you can find details of where we meet under the When and Where button on the home page.  You don’t have to sing at the gigs, but plenty of people have done with only a few weeks’ practice under their belts, and everyone has a blast! Go on, you know you want to …


We look forward to seeing you, either in the audience or in the choir!


Vanessa Wick