On 21st June 2019 Sam received this email:




Yesterday I started chemo at Derriford hospital Plymouth and was presented with one of the La La Choir chemo care packs.


I presume this came from the Plymouth choir and would like to write or email to thank them, could you give me an address or email address of someone at the Plymouth choir to enable me to contact them.


Many thanks




Hello Kate


These packs were the brainchild of an Ottery choir member who has just gone through chemo. She had been given something similar by a friend and came to me telling me how useful it was.

So as a choir, all the members across all four choirs, donated items that make the contents of the kits. In total we made 80+ kits which she and I then distributed to Royal Devon & Exeter HNS and Derriford in Plymouth.


I will pass on your thanks to her and the choir.


I’m so glad to hear from someone who is directly benefitting.


Very best wishes with your treatment and thank you for getting in touch.

Much love




La La Choirs Ltd

Thank you Sam, it was an amazing gift to receive, my nurse presented and explained it to me as she was loading up the first chemo drug and it totally distracted me. Such a thoughtful useful set of gifts.


Thank you




Isn’t this wonderful? To get first hand feedback from all the wonderful work you have all been doing.

Thank you all!