Wear a Hat for Keith!

Wear a Hat for Keith!

This week is Wear a Hat Week. Something we now do every year at La La in aid of Brain Tumour Awareness and Research charities. We were introduced to the idea in 2016 having come across Charlotte who is a 19 year old marvel. In 2015 she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and had to have Proton Therapy in America. It did the job but she is left with severe side effects. You can follow Charlotte’s story on her upbeat diary through Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/CharlottesArmyBrainTumourWarrior/

This year we have our own story to add. Pictured here is Keith and his wife Sandra. Keith is 63 and sings Bass in our Exeter choir, Sandra sings Alto. They have been members of the La La family for several years. In January Keith and Sandra went away on a cruise to celebrate Sandra’s upcoming birthday. They had an amazing time. But only three weeks after their return Keith had lost the use of his arm and was quickly diagnosed with a Grade 4 highly aggressive Glioblastoma. It is incurable and inoperable. He has started treatment and is now enduring twelve weeks of radio and chemo therapy which the Doctors hope will improve their prognosis of 6 to 12 months life expectancy.

Yesterday Sandra sent me this photograph. She said they had hoped to get along to choir for a short while this week but it wasn’t looking likely. However this year more than ever they wanted to take part. Sandra said “Twelve months ago it was Wear a Hat week at choir and frankly I hate wearing hats but I thought I’d take part as its for a good cause. Little did I know that only a year later this would be our story.” Life has turned on a sixpence for them. But Keith is such a positive and active man. Despite the tumour taking away his ability to play golf, bell ring and sing at choir, he is keeping upbeat. Keith told me “If a positive can come from this negative situation we are in, it’s that we might raise a bit more money this year, to help others, to improve treatments and to maybe even save lives.’

So please help us to do what Keith would love. Turn this horrible story into something good. Use the reality to achieve things for those that will come to this same point. If you would like to donate to any of the charities we are supporting this week, you can do so through any of these links.

Brain Tumour Research                 https://www.braintumourresearch.org/donation/donate-now


Brain Tumour Charity                     https://thebraintumourcharity.safeandsecurewebservices.net/donate/


 And don’t be glum. Put your hat, or wig, or scarf or even pants on your head and wear a smile for all the good that comes out of this.