Live Sessions

LIVE SESSIONS – Booking and all you need to know


Hello darlings

So here it is. Read it thoroughly and follow the instructions on the form…

  • Read the Code of Conduct – It is on the form but it comes up small. I have attached the Risk Assessments to this email as well. These are essential documents. Quite apart from having to have a 2 strikes and you can’t attend policy because of my insurance, we need to keep everyone feeling safe. If we stick to the rules we will all feel safe.
  • You only book ONE session – At the moment there are more than enough spaces for everyone who indicated they would want to attend. You have one week to select your session. At the end of the week I will offer up the remaining spaces to everyone and you can then attend another session. TENORS AND BASS, you will probably be needed for more than one session to help with the full blend of sound so I will be offering those sessions sooner.
  • Please check the box about High Risk – The insurer gave me the choice to exclude high risk people or allow them to attend at their own risk but only if they declared it. Please don’t hide it. We need to keep you especially safe.
  • Don’t book a session unless you are 100% sure you can attend. There is a cancellation facility but if you do it last minute someone else might have missed out.
  • To book a place on one of the sessions, it is a TWO STAGE process. The Google survey (link below) captures your details for the track and trace documentation, but it will then send you to Eventbrite in a separate window to actually book a ticket. It is important that you complete BOTH PARTS of the process – once you have booked a ticket you MUST go back to the other window where the Google form is open and click submit to ensure all the information comes to me.
  • The booking system is Eventbrite – This is so I didn’t have to spend hours allocating everyone on spreadsheets. So you might not be in a session with your bestest choir pal but you will be with your La La family and we will get to make beautiful music together. I have created instructions on how to use Eventbrite and they are attached in a PDF above but it is really simple. You might just want to look for reference before you book if you haven’t used it before. YOU DON’T NEED TO PRINT A TICKET
  • PLEASE BOOK QUICKLY! I have hired all the venues and had to pay in advance. It will be tricky if I don’t fill them so book in and I can then let people have multiple sessions if there are gaps.
  • ENJOY THESE – They will be awesome. I promise. Everything has to have so much prep and governance these days that it feels like it sucks the joy out of it all but I will make sure, as I always have, that you leave your session uplifted.


If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch via email. I will help in any way I can. I cannot move you to another session however, so please ensure you book the right one for you.

I am so excited to be able to sing with you all. September is going to be a very busy but very happy month!

Much love Sam

Samantha Abrahams


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