Meet the Choir

Terry Walden

Choir: Ottery
Section: Tenor

I joined La La in September 2021, pulled there by my wife, as I was a complete novice. I can’t read music, never sung in a choir but have enjoyed singing amongst friends.

The family, that is La La, and Sam’s (awesome choir leader) style made me feel very welcome from the start. After a just a few weeks I was singing a Christmas concert in Exeter Cathedral.

I couldn’t believe I ever had the ability or confidence to sing in front of 400 people (including family and friends) and here I was. Amazing.

Free regular additional workshops have added skills I didn’t know I needed and just can’t wait to see what Sam’s leadership will enable me to achieve.

A summary would be, a nervous wreck to an exhilarated singer with a fabulous group of people, in just 3 months. Wow.


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