Busy lives, getting the balance and roaming.

Oh my days. I’ve had a few weeks in a row recently where I’ve felt completely rushed off my feet with life, work, home, family, plans… sound familiar? I had to take a couple of weeks off from attending La La, the planets just weren’t aligning to let me go to my usual Exeter meet ups on a Tuesday night.

And I really missed it! I saw a few posts on Facebook about what we’d been practicing and upcoming gigs and I felt so sad that I’d cut out something that brings me so much joy for a whole fortnight.

So last week I became a La La roamer and went to not one, but THREE practices. I had the time free and I really, really enjoyed the extra fun surging into my week.

I guess what I’m saying is: you can roam too! There’s something nice about your regular crew but don’t let that tie you down if you’re not free that evening one week. All the La La Choirs are equally lovely (although I’ve not sung with Ottery yet they were all gorgeous and friendly when we sang at the Ottery St Mary URC in April) and more than welcoming if you pop along to an evening other than your “regular”.

It was point-proven when I heard my name being hollered down a corridor at Plymouth’s Derriford hospital this week. It was so lovely to see a friendly face after a rubbish day, even if I’ve only met the (gurtlushamazing) lady a handful of times. The La La Family continues to grow and we’re all there for you too!

Jayne xxx

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