It’s good to sing!

It popped into my head the other day just how much more than a choir La La is. There are times that La La shows characteristics of a family, a  therapist and a bloomin’ good friend all rolled into one big lovely, musical squeeze of a bear hug.

On my bouncy, spirited, “pinging” evenings at La La I could (and do) clap my hands and squeal with joy as a song I love singing is announced as the next to practise. I’ve been absolutely exhausted, spurred only to attend a rehearsal because I’ve promised a friend I’d see them there and within minutes of breathing properly and blasting out four-part harmonies I’m absolutely enthused and brimming with energy. On blue days I’ve been moved to silent, fat, rolling tears by songs whose lyrics just too-closely mirror something I’m experiencing at the time. The support, pathos and sheer awesomeness of other choristers is moving in its own right.

Quietly and strongly the choir has experienced the highs and crushing lows that life brings in the unrelenting style that life has; births, deaths, birthdays, deployments, divorces, new jobs, illnesses, new love… And, be it with a quiet squeeze of a hand, a joke, a sneakily passed tissue, drinks down the pub, well-timed texts or just an “Are you ok?”,  the support is just, wow.

They say music has healing properties, it touches your soul, but boy, add a few hundred like-minded and lovely people to the power of music and you’ve got an amazing thing right there! So, I guess, this is a little thank you: to my fellow La Las and to our leader Sam thanks for being there even when you didn’t know you were doing anything.

Apparently it’s good to talk, but I think it’s even better to sing.

Jayne (Exeter Alto 1)

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