La La Choirs fundraiser – Mind, Body & Soul Music

La La Choirs presents Mind, Body and Soul Music. A concert to raise awareness and much needed funds for Hamoaze House, Plymouth. The theme has been chosen to support the objectives of Hamoaze House and their work.

Hamoaze HouseHamoaze House was set up on the 30th June 1998, Co-founded by the late Roma French and Bob Underwood and acquired registered charity status on the 7th July 1998. They offer day support rehabilitation facilities for people in the community affected by problematic use of drugs and/or alcohol, and for their families and associated persons.
Their youth programme based in Seymour House provides alternative education for young people who have struggled to engage with the mainstream education system. They provide a service that has the capability to engage young people throughout the term time, across the whole academic year. They deliver a targeted set of positive activities, workshops and informal social education experiences that will engage young people on all levels (emotional, physical and intellectual) helping them to empower themselves as individuals with the capacity to make both positive contributions to their communities and to enjoy and achieve within their own lives.

Singing and music can be used as a treatment to improve a person’s wellbeing and health. Studies across the years have proven that the benefits have a positive tangible impact on the body and mind. Our concert is the perfect way to celebrate happiness and health.

La La will be joined by two fantastic guest acts that evening.

Big Beat - CalstockBig Beat Big based in Calstock, Cornwall, who are a junk percussion ensemble.Their explosive performances have dazzled and delighted audiences worldwide. The unique combination of energy, creativity and simplicity will have you up from your seat.




Semitoned. With five star reviews and a Bobby Award for the most highly rated show of Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Semi-Toned, Exeter University’s all male A Cappella sensation, wows audiences nationally and internationally with their trademark musical wit and charisma.


It will be an amazing evening’s entertainment. All the artists are kindly performing for free and the concert is being sponsored by Rokk Media, Exeter. All proceeds will go directly to Hamoaze House.

The concert will take place on Saturday 11th October 2014 at The Guildhall in Plymouth. The tickets are £12 for adults and £6 for under 14’s and are available from choir sessions themselves and the website.

Organiser of the concert Sam Abrahams, explains what La La is all about.

‘La La Choirs is for adults, men and women, who simply enjoy singing. They are community style choirs. There is no need for experience and you don’t have to read music, no auditions and no pressure. Just fun! The choirs run without termly fee’s. You only pay on the sessions you attend and they are less expensive than most choirs termly fees. Why? Because I believe that singing should be accessible to everyone. Life is too busy for most to commit to be there week in week out, even when it is something special for yourself. Or perhaps especially because it is something special just for you. I never wanted to part with money that I knew I wouldn’t feel the full benefit from. With La La you can be poorly one week and not feel more sickened by the thought of wasted money. You can go on holiday or suddenly have to babysit or stay late at work. Best of all, because there is no pressure and it is very informal, you will always catch up with anything you missed. La La runs all year round, it doesn’t stick to school terms. I would run it through Christmas if I could. That’s possibly the most stressful time of year and when we need singing and laughing with friends the most. La La makes your heart happy. Singing benefits the body and soul. It relieves stress, strengthens your lungs, improves your memory and builds your confidence.’

Follow the link to order tickets. Click on about us to find out more about a choir in your area.

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