La La – Science in Action!

Here at La La Choirs, Devon’s largest non-audition adult choir, we love a bit of Singing Science! We love it even more when we see it in person. 

This is the lovely Maureen from Ottery St Mary La La. You may have read about her on our Facebook page.  Maureen recently had to have her blood pressure measured morning and evening for a week. On review it was noted that the upper reading was just under 150 every morning and evening except for one. “What happens on a Thursday?” asked the Doctor. “Why?” asks Maureen “Well Thursday evening is the only reading that is different. Lower considerably than the rest of the week. Only 126.” he explains. “That’s the night I go to choir” says Maureen. So there we have it. Our very own proof that singing lowers your blood pressure! #singingmakesyoufeelgood ❤️ 🎶

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