No more Lympstone. Plymouth moves home and to a Monday night.

It is with great sadness that I announce the closure of the Lympstone branch of La La.

Plymouth choir is moving to a Monday night. Thankfully many of the Lympstone members are hoping to move to come on a Wednesday night in Exmouth instead which will be absolutely fantastic!

The news was well received at Plymouth because with Friday nights being the start of the weekend, it is often the case that choir has to take second place to social plans. Plymouth choir will be moving venue as St Barts cannot accommodate us on a Monday which is sad. The new venue will be Emmanuel Church on the corner of Compton Avenue and Mannamead Road.

Closing Lympstone is heartbreaking for me. If it were not for La La Lympstone, there would never have been a La La Choirs at all. I still have members with me that started that very first Monday night almost 8 years ago. The thought that I won’t be sat on a Monday night, with the people who have been so supportive, loyal and loving over the years, is horribly painful. I just hope that as many of the Lympstone members as possible can continue.

Whatever choir they come along to will benefit from not only some of the most experienced La La singers, but from gaining people who helped La La become what is has, helped shape it, create that La La ethos. La La was and is for singing and fun. It is for positivity, confidence, stress release, trying anything, not caring if its good or bad, just that we went for it. The stories the early La La members can tell you of those first few performances are hilarious but no one ever batted an eye lid. The first performance of Lets Do It is legendary. It was so different from anything we had every done and so much more difficult, but with true La La spirit we decided to perform it anyway. It wasn’t exactly well received, the audience was a particularly tough one, but I don’t think we ever laughed more.  To close something I owe so much to is so painful.

Love you Lympstone La La’s



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