Let’s help Natalie beat Cancer!!

Hello website visitor.

I would like to introduce you to a part of the extended La La Family.

Once you have clicked on the button you will be able to read about the Hurley’s. Anne Hurley was a member of La La Lympstone for many years until she left in order to support her son Phil in caring for his wife and three boys following Natalie’s cancer diagnosis. Phil has been providing the La La embroidered t-shirts since we first started to wear them. He supplied 150 printed t-shirts at cost for our La La Gala Charity Concert. La La Choirs want to help him in return.

You can read the detail for yourself but the bottom line is this. Natalie needs £20,000 to try a pioneering new treatment. It will not cure her but it could prolong her life giving her more time with her husband and three beautiful children. The appeal has already raised just over £8,000 so only needs another £12,000. It is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. Some people have bigger credit card balances. Its less than 10% of a city workers bonus. Between us we can achieve this easily. She has 139 days left to raise the money.

If I were unfortunate enough to be in Natalie’s position, I would do whatever it took in order to gain more time with my children. We can help her do this. Please click on the link and do whatever you can.

Many thanks
Sam xxxx

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