Sam works with Gareth Malone

Have you been keeping up with the fabulous series The Choir on BBC Two? The programme has been following Gareth Malone working with the wives and girlfriends of the men serving with RMB Chivenor who have recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan.

The point of the choir was to bring the WAGs together and help them find a way to get to know each other better and a way to release their worries and stress whilst their men were away. Gareth achieved that by creating this choir, the grand finale of which was their performance at The Service of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall. What has this to do with our Sam though?

During the latter part of the filming schedule the girls decided they wanted to learn and perform a surprise song for Gareth. Who did they ask to be their temporary Musical Director? Well obviously Sam. She, along with her accompaniast Sam Nickels, travelled to and from RMB Chivenor for six weeks to work with the girls and then performed for Gareth on the evening of November 1st. It was filmed and appeared as part of the third and final episode.

Why not go on BBC iPlayer and take a look at ‘our Sam’ conducting a wonderful group of ladies and her moment of fame. Unfortunately it doesnt show her in conversation with Gareth but she tells us there was plenty of chat and he is as lovely in real life as he seems on television. What next? Well watch this space because it would seem the story doesnt end here…

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