‘Rent a Granny’ gets a boost.

Rent a Granny gets a boost


On Saturday 10th May at Holy Trinity Church in Exmouth, La La performed alongside Misty Roses to raise awareness and money for Homestart. Homestart is a charity that works with young families. Those with children under 5.

They send trained volunteers to a family in need to give them time and support. I had a wonderful lady who came to spend time with me and my daughter when I was suffering from Post Natal Depression.

I couldn’t leave my little girl in the hands of anyone except my husband. I made people wash their hands before they touched her. I couldn’t dress her in certain clothes. It was an extremely difficult time. My ‘rent a Granny’ which in fact is a free service, got to know me, sat with me and my baby week after week till I was confident enough to make a cup of tea whilst she sat with my daughter. Her patience knew no bounds it seemed as she helped me work towards putting out the washing or having a bath. Simple task that I had been afraid of doing for months. I eventually managed to go to the shop in the village leaving my baby in her care.

Homestart helped me and help countless others with the first few years of your children’s lives when what should be a happy time becomes a very difficult one.

The concert was one of our best. I was bouncing off the walls as usual and the audience were coming along with me for the ride. The choir were buzzing and the sound was amazing. The best bit of all was that we raised over £800. A record event for the local team of fundraisers. A success all round.

For more information on what this wonderful charity can do please visit: www.home-start.org.uk

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