The show must go on! (And what happens when it doesn’t!)

Hello, Jayne again.

Well, on Saturday I managed to escape the last vestigial grip of a hangover to make my way to Exmouth just in time for our gig for Hospiscare. It was our first gig of the year and I was super excited to get it under my belt. I arrived to a crowd of people on the pavement, completely bewildering! It turns out there had been some sort of mistake made somewhere and there was no one to let us (and ticket holders!) into the venue we were due to perform in. We were all a bit puzzled and worried and, mostly, frustrated that we’d psyched ourselves up to sing but might not be given the chance to now.

So, in true La La fashion, Sam got us on one pavement, the audience on the other, and we belted out Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Then, also in true La La fashion, we hot-footed our way to a pub. We all commiserated a little over the fact that we didn’t get the chance to perform for such a fabulous charity that night but we buoyed our spirits with more singing and, well, spirits.

I think the thing I took away was what a great little community our super-choir creates. Singers had hailed from all over the county to come together and sing, and it would take a lot more than the lack of a venue and February temperatures to stop us having a warble!

If you fancy having a go, come along to a La La choir one night. It’s totally open to anyone that fancies having a crack, there’s no auditions and everyone’s super friendly and willing to help you along if you’re nervous on your first night.

So here’s the video that I took in the pub of us singing Elbow’s beautiful “One Day Like This”.

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