Workshop success

Another excellent week for La La and to top it we had the biggest turn out yet for our Low Voice and High Voice Workshops and oh my goodness were they fantastic.

We saw the low voices turn out in force, full of energy and boy were they ready to go. Fun was had learning breathing techniques, warm ups and tricks for getting in the singing zone. They had a wee go at a Scottish folk song, which produced the most incredible sound and definitely gave all the tingles, then we ended the session with a 70’s classic ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ with their voices proving that singing really does make you feel good. Ooga-chaka!

The ladies at the high voice workshop then proved that girls just wanna have fun by singing out an 80’s classic, plus trying out their voices in the different choir sections and just having so much fun meeting new and old friends whilst singing their hearts out.

We can’t wait to welcome you at our next bunch of workshops happening later in the year so keep an eye out, we’d love to see you there and show you why we do it best at La La.

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