New Year rings in the changes!

After much soul searching, Sam has taken the decision to resign as Musical Director of Lympstone CTC Military Wives Choir. She has written a little message for me to post by way of an explanation.

“The last 14 months and my involvement with The Military Wives Choir (MWC) has been amazing. I have had a ball. There have been some fantastic experiences, I have met some wonderful people and learnt many new things. My bucket list has a lot more ticks on it than this time last year. I have however been thinking for a while now that La La and MWC are two very very different types of musical ventures. After lots of soul searching I came to the decision that my journey with MWC has come to a natural end and that despite all the joy it has brought me it is time to pass on the baton.

My love of singing has got me through the best and worst of times and my intention with running choirs has always been to make that accessible to others. MWC has given many many women that opportunity and I am very proud to have played a part in how that came about. However as MWC is now a household name I can rest easy knowing that you’d have to be living in a pretty remote corner of the universe to not know how to access that if you are a women with a connection to the military.

My mission can therefore continue through La La and my intention is to create another member of the family in the Plymouth/Plympton area. I have been asked for a long time now to consider it and leaving MWC will free up Friday nights and make it a possibility.

Lympstone CTC MWC are one hundred percent behind me. They understand why I feel the time has come to move on and know that after a busy year where juggling both them and La La has been pretty tricky at times, there was going to come a point when time constraints alone would mean I would have to choose between the two. I am not severing all contact of course. I have made some lifelong friends and feel privileged to have been welcomed in to the Military Family with such open arms. I shall miss the girls terribly”

Here is what Paula Mundy had to say… “Well what can I say? We started this journey together and the choir wouldn’t be where it is without her expertise. She manages us very well and you only have to ask our husbands to know how hard that is. It has been an amazing jam packed year. We’ve done things you never dream of doing and ‘Im grateful Sam’s been there with us for all of that. We will miss her enthusiasm and her passion for music. We’ll miss her loads, but we’ll do her proud and build on what she’s helped start here with us and keep on singing. That’s what it’s all about after all”

I think there’ll be a few tears shed and a few drinks sunk at that last choir practice together don’t you…

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