What Can I Expect

What Can I Expect from la La Choirs?

If you have never been to a singing group of any kind before, you may be wondering how it works. I teach in as many different ways as possible to allow you to choose the best way for you to learn. You can print the music or download it to your tablet and bring that along to the sessions. Most people do this despite not reading music at all. You can learn by ear as I teach line by line, section by section, singing it to you and with you. Your learning can be supported by the guide tracks I produce for each song which you can access on the members area of the website. **

In the members area you will also find all the information you need on performances we will do, (that you do not have to take part in unless you want to), the uniform you can purchase, (that you don’t have to wear if you don’t want to). Videos to help you warm up your voice. Videos on vocal techniques to support your singing. Videos on tackling vocal issues like a tired or sore voice and so on. That’s as well as all the sheet music and guide tracks per section as well as combined versions of every single song we will do including most of our back catalogue. You will also find my last four weekly emails and any other info I refer to that is prudent at the time.

At a choir session itself, everyone arrives in time for the start. The start is 7pm for all venues except Exeter which is 7.15pm. If you don’t know what section you should sing in then I will work that out with you. Please come ten minutes early. A good tip is to have a sing of your favourite song that you are comfortable voice wise singing and make sure you are singing it in the same range the artist is, ie not higher or lower. Then tell me that song when you come along. I will then buddy you up with someone lovely who will help if you need it during the rest of that session. Everyone is super friendly.

The session starts with me giving out any notices in the first five mins and then we warm up our body, our breathing and then our voice. We then crack on with the songs we are learning. Roughly half way through we have a ten min ‘wee and water’ break and then we continue with more singing. We finish the night with an old song that existing members know. You can choose to listen or give it a go. You will know in advance as I tell you what that is in the weekly email so you could even have a practice if you are so inclined.

The most important thing is for you to enjoy it. And that’s what I try to make sure you do every single session.